The words stem and strain are used here in a very different context from the biological one, although it sometimes seems that the mental world operates along the same principles as those of the biological and physical world.

In the mental world, a form, thought, or idea begins as a wellspring, or the budding of a certain potentiality, and it thus establishes a tendency toward a certain structure or a texture of a specific character. Clusters sharing similar traits and intentions are woven together and spill into each other: emerging from...but also actively creating.

These clusters draw on the materials provided by the environment, but will also affect the environment and transform it, just as vines or ferns do. Assemblages of units of consciousness will develop themselves and their group characteristics in accordance to the conditions in which they thrive. Such wellsprings are of course dependent on the individual who creates them, but also contain independent abilities which are separate and that will enable the creation of an independent reality.

The works cluster around the desire to illustrate the infinite mutual relationships between the visible world and that operating underneath the surface of things, and to demonstrate the dependence between the mental concept and its material realization.